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CUSTOM Word/Phrase/Quote Magnet Sets (100 Word Increments)

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Custom Word Count in Set

CUSTOM Word Magnet Sets can be created with your own unique word or phrase or quote list!  Do you a list of fun words, phrases or favorite quotes you'd like to be made into magnets?  This is the way!

AFTER PURCHASE --> specific instructions will be sent out to you via email on how to submit your custom word/phrase/quote list for this set

Word magnets are such a unique way to creatively express fun things to loved ones, friends, and yourself. They are typically used on the refrigerator or magnetic dry erase white board to write notes, creative thoughts and poems.

They also make a much needed tool for all kinds of writers. Just display all of them on a huge magnetic dry erase board and glance around until you get the inspiration you need to crash through that writer’s block. Or for really impressive tweets or instagram posts, put up a photo of your latest word magnet creation.

  • magnets are made of high quality material, laminated and shipped gift worthy
  • height of the magnets are approximately .33 or 3/8" tall. The same size as the ones in stores
  • magnets ARE NOT able to be used to hold paper to the refrigerator like normal magnet usage - their purpose is for creating poems/sentences, not a practical magnet
  • care for your magnets like you would game pieces. They are small so keep out of reach of small kids and animals
  • special bonus!  magnets glow under a black light

These magnets can be used on any magnetized surface like the refrigerator, lockers, and any MAGNETIC dry erase board.  Not on vehicles.  Please check that you have a magnetic dry erase board because some are not magnetized. You can buy all kinds of magnetic dry erase boards at any of the stores.

About the Makers

KeTo Creations, a small family-run business in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, partnered with us to bring you these high quality word magnet sets for sale in our shoppe.  Through this partnership, KeTo Creations is directly supporting our Arts for A.R.T.S. long term fundraising mission!