About Musical Poetry Project


Q:  Who is behind the Musical Poetry Project?
A: Meet Kerem Brule, a San Diego based Music Producer (aka 'Love Is Free'), Music Empowerment Mentor and Owner of Beautiful Sound Healing Music Instruments.  After experimenting for almost two years in music production and discovering a new passion for crafting the looping soundbeds which you hear behind every track in the collected works of the Musical Poetry Audio Anthology, Kerem is very excited to introduce more people to this type of creative expression. 



Q:  What is Musical Poetry and how is it created?
A: Musical Poetry is a collaborative community arts expression that incorporates the audio file of a poet reading their own piece, and which is then synced up with expertly layered melodic and rhythmic loops.   Kerem utilizes Soundtrap, which is a simplified online DAW (digital audio work station) in all her music production, and was delighted to discover Splice to find so many amazing sound and music samples and loops to bring into the melodic journeys with beats that she creates.  Note for all inspired:  There is a free version of Soundtrap to use with all the basics needed to get started.  Splice is a paid subscription service under $10/month.


Q:  What is the intention behind the Musical Poetry Project?  
A:  The intention of the Musical Poetry Project is multi-fold and exciting!  It first began as an inspiration for Kerem to empower her own musical expression through electronic music making by inviting friends and poets/writers near and far to offer her a poetic offering, so she could create something completely new and unique with something fun to focus the sounds around.  The combined energies of the poet and the musician, a new weaving of word and sound, is an exciting new development in the world.  Kerem hopes to bring a larger audience over to listen and be exposed to poetry in a whole new way.


Q: I see you are raising funds for a local San Diego nonprofit that help underprivileged kids to have access to art mentorship.  Cool!  How does that work when I buy something from the Musical Poetry Shoppe?
A: We are curating a super cool online shop that is expanding with some wonderful unique high quality artistic items as well as fun Musical Poetry tees and swag.  Soon we will be featuring goods which incorporate inspirational and funny lines of poetry from pieces in the Musical Poetry Anthology too (with the poet's consent of course).  All profits, which is the amount left over after the cost of the item and payment processing fees are taken out, will be automatically donated to A Reason To Survive through the Give & Grow app we have installed, which also takes out a small percentage for making tithing so simple and easy.  All participants involved in the project are offering their gifts willingly and without compensation of any kind, a community passion project.