The Color Green feat. Morgan Miscione

The Color Green feat. Morgan Miscione


The color green
Synonymous with life
The color green symbolizes resilience despite the fight
Brought upon this earth by humanity

So much more is waiting at your door
For you to explore
Take flight into this starlit night
Know that you are loved
Know that no matter where you go
No matter what you see
You will always have me

I may not be there to hold your hand
I am not available on demand
May you know that light and love shine through you
That i have given this to you
No way no how
Will darkness enter you
Unless you allow it to


Although we all play this game,
We need not feel the shame
We may rise above all of these influences
We may hold each other in love
Not judging one another for our truencies
In this time and space all we have left to do is relate

This to have and to hold
You don’t have to fit the mold
Take this message and pass it on
On and on and on
Know that you are strong
Not because you have to be
Because you choose to be
Know that with me you don't have to be
You just get to be

Your heart your soul your spirit all these aspects of you, I see
Always know that you have a place with me
I know I sound preachy
I’ve been reading the bible and martin luther king
Junior what do you want to be
When you grow up
Momma I wanna be a tree
Okay baby you be that tree

Root down
Drink water plenty
Get your sunshine
And grow real high
Shade the meek
Comfort the weary
Be strong for those who grow dreary

This battle is not over yet
We are drawing near to the end
It’s time to put down our defenses
And share a laugh with a friend
Cry your tears, forget your fears, for the new age is here


My name is Moe! I am dedicated to a life of reciprocity and regeneration. I see the world as it has been and simultaneously what it could be. I seek to inspire others to dream their wildest dreams and would like to invite you to make them come true. Cheers to the new world we’re creating.
IG:  @arbor.barber