Stones feat. Natasha Das Gupta

Stones feat. Natasha Das Gupta



When I was a child
I taught myself to walk on stones
Glass and shells
Sticks and bones

Now as an adult
My feet still roam
I've walked through hell
I've walked through homes

Where am I going?
That question seems big
I don't need to think
I don't need to dig

I've walked through lifetimes
And still I remain
A walker of the journey
In sunshine and rain

My feet are back
On the beach whence they came
Walking on the stones
They're calling my name

Slowly, take measure
Balance my weight..
Never quickly
The pleasure
Is in letting life wait

For me
As i arrive
In one piece

You can't rush the craft
Of being gracefully last
Having taken in all that I need to see

You can't run on stones
You would break your bones
That's not the way life is meant to be

So pace yourself friend
Don't rush to the end
Tiptoe along playfully

Life is here for you
The stones are too
Keep your eyes open,
And your mind in your feet



My name is Natasha Riederer, I live in Southern Ontario Canada. I love to write poetry and channel polarity codes. I also love to research, dance, sing, take pictures and hike. I lead and host virtual communities for friendship, awakening, healing and expansion. I do virtual card readings and spiritual guidance sessions. I am a Mother of 2, and Married :) Im known to share my perspective of life openly on instagram for my own healing and the healing of those who are watching. I love Love, talking, candles and coffee :)

Reflections on the Stones musical poetry piece:  

So my favourite place in the world is the beach, specifically in Southern Ontario Canada. I grew up walking barefoot on the stones and shells, and after 30 years its a comfortable second nature for me to glide along such rough, uneven surfaces. My feet are tough and can handle my balance and footing expertly as I go. At the time i wrote the poem my life was completely beyond my control in a devastating way. I had no idea what i was doing or how i was going to handle it. So I went to the beach, to walk on the stones, and remind myself that I am tough in a way that is meaningful to me. And if I could only remember the toughness, poise and trust I posses...maybe I would have a shot at hope, that I was going to be okay. That my life was going to be okay. So its about taking yourself through a familiar situation to recharge yourself with your own beliefs and skills :)

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