Sacred Song Spell feat. Golden Drake

Sacred Song Spell feat. Golden Drake


sacred earth . sacred birth
sacred worth . sacred mirth
sacred purpose . sacred vision
sacred service . sacred mission

sacred play . sacred health
sacred work . sacred wealth
sacred mystic . sacred magic
sacred pleasure . sacred ecstatic

sacred bliss . sacred ease
sacred thank you . sacred please
sacred love . sacred call
sacred one . sacred all

sacred spirit . sacred breath
sacred life . sacred death
sacred womb . sacred swell
sacred words . sacred spell

i am sacred
you are sacred
we are sacred
all is sacred


Sacred Song Spell video

Visuals for sacred song spell:
Dancers: Kirti Srivastava & Golden Drake



Golden Drake is a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and lover of Life. Her JOB (Joy Of Being) is serving as a Life Midwife and facilitator of the Art of Awakening - a process of awakening to remember our True Inner Nature, with the help of Mother Nature, and recrafting our lives to BE in accordance with our values & right relationship with Self, Community, and the Earth. For more info, visit: 

Reflections on Sacred Song Spell

This wordweaving came through me during my morning meditation, seemingly as a soothing balm, on a day in which I was in the midst of a deep grieving process. I felt called to share this wordprayer with Kerem, who had previously invited me into a playful poetic collaboration. Kerem then intuitively added in hypnotic and mesmerizing didgeridoo and drum heartbeats, and lovingly wove it all together to create this sacred soundscape. May this piece serve as heartmedicine, soothing all who listen. May this sacred song spell reverberate through all time and space.