Full Bloom feat. Karen Renee Robb

Full Bloom feat. Karen Renee Robb

petals soft

dew drops nestled on your breast
the fragrance of your becoming
excites my senses

i lean in to take you in
my eyes mesmerized by the
colors that have chosen you

unadulterated brilliance
gifted by the Creator

to open in this moment
for me
to see
to feel
to drink you into my soul

i witness your gentle, sweet
to stand tall
bold in your beauty

to bloom without consideration
without concern

to just be
for me
and the world
to see



ABOUT THE POET Karen Renee Robb

Founder of Frame Drum Wisdom and ReSounding Wholeness

Karen Renée is a vocal, visual, and written word artist with over 30 years of vocal performance experience. Her passion for live sound, creativity and compassion has led her to assist others in reclaiming their voice, innate rhythm, and creative expression through the use of the frame drum. A mid-wife for the soul’s expression, Karen Renée brings her whole self into the experiences she facilitates. Helping to awaken and support others in meaningful, memorable ways, she makes the Healing Arts accessible and a vital part of personal growth and development. 

~ Healing Arts Facilitator

~ Vocal, Visual & Written Word Artist

~ Sound & Reiki Clinician

~ Reiki Master Teacher

~ Circle Facilitator

~ Group Facilitation & Private Sessions

Currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, Karen Renée is available to travel for retreat facilitation, presentations, interactive training, and more!  Connect with her today to start or continue your personal journey with sound.

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