Conjure the Glow feat. Sinclair Stratton

Conjure the Glow feat. Sinclair Stratton


My paint brush is wielded as so a wand.
Stirring stagnation to movement, we bond.
She knew all along that she was the seed:
The alchemy of staleness to the fullness of deed.
I summon the colors, they succumb to my will.
So happy are they for the chance to fulfill!

By forging my craft, we conjure the glow.
We paint on the paper and watch the love grow.
The bustle of chroma brightens our sphere,
Expands our cosmos and abates my fear.
You see, my brush is a tool of bewitchment.
She casts her spells with nothing but pigment!

Asleep or awake, it just matters not.
Each state is as real as the seer sees ought.
I knew I was focused outward with healing to do…
But outward is backwards when healing’s concerned!
Time is so patient, no reason to fret.
As I finally came back to the place where we met.

And there I remembered all I once knew,
As my brush electrified my hand with hue!
The breeze of betterment polished my soul,
My visage now boasts fresh joy with no toll.
Here we will stay ‘til this dream comes to end.
My art is my love, my brush is my friend.



Sinclair's Animal Artist online shop (amazing watercolors!):

When Sinclair Stratton channels her deep love for animals onto the paper, what emerge are vibrantly colorful images that capture the essence of her subjects and the admiration of her human audience, as well.

Sinclair’s captivating portraits of wild and domestic life, created with watercolor in a deep-saturation technique that brings an unusual intensity to the medium, brought unexpected fame to the self-taught artist when Forbes Magazine named her ”Best Emerging Artist” in a 2002 article on the world’s leading pet portrait artists. 

No longer a secret, Sinclair has been commissioned to immortalize the beloved pets of patrons from well beyond the borders of her native San Diego. Her paintings grace walls from Los Angeles to Miami’s South Beach, and recent commissions have brought her work to London and Belgium.

Sinclair’s creativity and passion for her artistry are rooted in her fondness for the creatures that share our world, and this devotion extends beyond the brush. Sinclair has actively supported non-profit animal organizations and works closely with numerous animal welfare organizations in San Diego County. Her donated paintings are integral to the interior décor of the new San Diego Humane Society & SPCA facility