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The Musical Poetry Project is a collaborative community arts project that empowers emerging poets of all ages, weaving their audio poetry into original music tracks with beats. A place where poetry comes alive in a dynamic journey of words and sound, story and song.

Dive into the growing Audio Anthology of completed Musical Poetry Project tracks, the sound of collective creativity.

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Is your inner poet ready to play?

Calling all stealth poets, coffee shop philosophers, and journaling dreamers!

Are you inspired to share your creative wordsmithing with the world through this fun and collaborative words + beats project?

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Community Arts Supporting A.R.T.S.

The Musical Poetry Project is a community of everyday people that believe in the power of their own creative self-expression, and want to encourage others to do the same! With this ethos, the MPP community is using this platform to raise funds for San Diego youth arts organization A Reason To Survive (A.R.T.S.). A.R.T.S creates a positive and collaborative space for kids in South San Diego to participate in large scale community-focused arts projects.

All net profits from our online Musical Poetry Shop directly supports A.R.T.S.